Thursday, January 5, 2017

Thumbtack Referral 1st time promotional rate 30 mins for $25.00


Only for first time reading. No exceptions. 


Tarot / Psychic Readings via Telephone  


30 minutes for $25.00 

(Regular price $50.00)

​This service provides a two way "conversation" connection which allows us to provide more in-depth description and verbally detail the situation. Among the other available modes of communication, telephone is the quickest and therefore comes in very handy for receiving psychic or medium readings. The interaction in the form of questions and answers is instantaneous. It is a common misconception that a psychic needs to be face-to-face with their client in order to perform an accurate psychic reading. This is not true in the spirit world space and time are limitless and a telephone reading can provide more feedback. The client usually feels more at ease and has the ability of venting and speaking out loud. 

Instructions for Phone Readings- Once the client purchases a phone reading the psychic will contact the client and provide available time slots. 

What You Can Learn From Your Psychic Reading: 

​Yoly's reading can help you make positive decisions to shape your life. Looking beyond the material plane, Yoly looks deeply into your life stream energies to detect trends developing in your life.  To do this, she uses her tarot cards and calls upon her guides and yours, who show her the answers to your questions with TV-like transmissions, with lively images and sounds. Then she reports to you what she sees and hears in your psychic reading, in ways that help you better understand the energies at work in your life, and enhance your ability to take informed, timely action. Yoly helps you understand the impact your decisions have on your future and know what's really happening in your life. At times when you experience upheaval or face major choices, an email reading from Yoly can help you see the larger picture and find the best options.You will not have to worry about not getting your questions answered since Yoly strives to obtain all the information you need. Therefore, you will be pleased with your unique reading.